As part of the digital transformation, interlockings and signals are also digitalised to ensure that faults with potentially serious effects on railway services are significantly reduced. To this end, security-relevant data must be transmitted between head office and regional field equipment in cryptographic format in accordance with EN 50159


In order to digitalise the track field network and the decentralised power supply, OHB Teledata offers a complete, modular portfolio consisting of the cyberOHBguard series and gridOHBguard series

All components meet the high requirements of electromagnetic (EN 50121-4). Through the use of standardised interfaces and GS1-coded standard components, our aim is to achieve maximum independence from individual manufacturers.

Changes can be implemented quickly, efficiently and precisely thanks to the automated configuration of all security components.

This allows us to support our customers through all phases of the project and provide planning, development and delivery from a single source.



With our cyberOHBguard series, widely networked, secure digitalisation projects can be implemented under demanding environmental conditions.

With our new cryptOHBguard® system, we ensure encrypted communication between the field equipment and the control centres via the IEC 60870-5-104 protocol, secured by genuscreen firewall. Both the hardware and the firewall are BSI-certified, which significantly increases basic protection.

The cryptOHBguard® 10scs is your preferred option for application at field level in a “harsh” environment.

For application in the decentralised data centre environment, we recommend the cryptOHBguard® S-XXL.

With the manageOHBguard®, more than 10,000 components can be managed centrally in one tool. This is used to detect anomalies in the system. If required, parts of the network or individual components can be deactivated automatically.

The monitorOHBguard® is used to monitor all network and OT security components located in the system.

cryptOHBguard 10scs
cryptOHBguard S-XXL


The gridOHBguard series features “plug-and-play”-enabled COTS components that are used in concrete transformer houses and field boxes to enable power supply to and control of field elements.

With the controlOHBguard®, proprietary applications can be implemented to control field elements.

The dataOHBguard® is suitable for secure data transfers with the latest IP network and fibre optic cable technology.

Power is supplied using our powerOHBguard® with a secured output voltage of 400V DC and 400V AC (three-phase current) and a buffered DC intermediate circuit.

For field boxes in harsh environments, we recommend the fieldOHBguard® with modules for power supply, OT security and optional applications.


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